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August 2021
Flexion Tables
Lloyd 402 Elevation Flexion; elev head/2 drops; chest/lumbar/pelvic drops; T-bar; power ext/ret; adjustable chest; extra height pedal; upgraded Black Finesse material; extra width 24"
Hill Labs AFT; dual drop headpiece with forward motion and straight drop; 30 min timer; thoracic drop; lumbar drop; pelvic drop. Upgraded Cinder Finesse material on black base.
Lloyd 402 Flex Elev; all auto/manual drops; elev head; auto flex; T-bar. Choose ANY standard color for cushion recover
Leander Lite stationary manual flexion distraction; front lateral flexion; spring chest; pelvic drop; height 21 inches; adjustable head; mfg 1991; Brown. Choose ANY standard color for cushion recover.
Leander Lite stationary manual flexion distraction; front lateral flexion; spring chest; pelvic drop; height 24 inches; adjustable head; mfg 2003; Navy Blue. Choose ANY standard color for cushion recover.
Titan stationary flexion; pelvic drop; tilt head; adjustable chest; height 22"
New Tables - Hill Labs, Lloyd, MT, Elite & Eurotech all makes/ models sold new
Adjusting Tables
NEW Lloyd 402 Elevation with all drops; tilt headpiece, adjustable width headpiece, forward drop, Total Drop System, adjustable chest & pelvic cushions, ankle slide-out; extra height foot pedal. Upgraded fabric: Cinder Finesse; extra wide cushions 24
New Tables - Hill Labs, Lloyd, MT, Elite & Eurotech-all makes/ models sold new
Hylo Tables
Zenith 210 Cast Iron Fully Reconditioned with tilt head, breakaway chest, elevating pelvic. WITH pelvic drop $3395.
Zenith III 440; air cervical; thoracic, lumbar and pelvic drops; power front; elevating and tilting head; hylo. Choose ANY standard color for cushion recover.
New Tables-Elite,Eurotech,Lloyd &Chattanooga-all makes&models sold new
Autosound - Electrotherapy - Ultrasound
NEW Richmar 4 Channel Combo w tower cart & therapy hammer
NEW Richmar 4 Channel Stim with lead wires and sample pack electrodes (available tower cart for additional fee)
Quattro 2.5 4 channel stim
Inter-Segmental Traction and Hydro-Therapy Tables
Chattanooga TRT 6M DTS Triton; NEW; programmable color traction head; Saunders Cervical traction unit; Color: Black.
NEW * MT Tables IST vibration, gel roll pillow and knee bolster
Benches and Other Miscellaneous Equipment
MT100 Contour Bench with armrests; NEW; thick steel frame; nose slot; paper attachment/cutter; field height adjustable 16 to 24 inches. Color: Black
Medi Plinth therapy exam table; tilt rear; tilt head; height range 21.5 to 39 inches; Brown; Mfg 2001
Mettler Diathermy unit; tilt head; tilt arm; caster wheels; 30 day parts warranty
Lloyd Activator table; Brown; adjustable height legs up to 30"; width 26"; face opening 48"
Therapy bench; height 24 inches; width 23 inches; face slot; Burgundy
Durabuilt therapy bench; contoured shoulders; armrests; paper holder and cutter; width 23 inches; height 25 inches; Green
Lloyd 202 ABS adjusting bench; face opening; adjustable height legs 18 inches to 28 inches; Burgundy
Lloyd 203 ABN-AH adjusting bench; built-in paper attachment; adj and tilt headpiece; height 24 inches. Color: Palomino Brown
Used X-Ray Equipment
Reconditioned - 60 days parts + labor w/in service area.
Reconditioned - 21 step process to fully recondition
Used - 30 day parts only. / Used - 7 step process to a used table

  Demo - 1 year parts only on tables. Parts & labor on electrotherapy.
Like new - 1 year parts & labor + labor w/in service area.
As is - no warranty.
New - manufacturer warranty, varies by product
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